What design will have a PS4?



Nearly a month after the presentation the PS4 console still do not know what it looks like and how it will be presented the new version of “czarnulki” under our TV. On the internet you can see quite a lot of graphics concepts related to this topic but I have chosen for you the number of new which were prepared after the release of the console which had seats on February 20 this year.

The first one you see at the top shows a quite interesting and minimalist but I do not think Sony has decided to cut the material so sharp in the case of housing PS4 console. LEDs in shades of blue color will be because they are the color of their PlayStation for a long time. An interesting mystery is whether the console, the PlayStation logo will be placed in the original color or perhaps blue.


The next project is a project in which the PS4 console is made ​​in the form of a tower, no console manufacturer ever to make such appearance has not decided, and now also this does not happen, design is more suitable here than the Xbox console Sony.


The last design that I could find did not consider the appearance of a new controller, the whole concept is quite avant-garde as the current standards, particularly evident in the case of a project which falls sharply hewn shapes can look good only in the “art gallery”. The only thing I can feel like it is a very flat look the same console which would indicate that the creator of this model departed from the traditional forms of games placed on optical media and in the mind focused on the digital distribution, a very flat appearance and also less will be possible when the world consoles will go only to play in the cloud, but it still does not happen now.

So how will look PS4 console?

The console should be similar in size to the size of the PS3 Slim model, components are getting smaller but remember that disk in the PS4 to be big and not expensive here so the company will use the 3.5-inch disc technology, this happens blu-ray drive that will look like in two the first versions of the PS3 and had a slide-plate and not hinged flap. Housing will not be angular as the company prefers the PS3 since quite a rounded shape which are increasingly observing pozaokrąglane PS3 model development. The basic color or black housing will remain here and we may be surprised to see on the shelves clear PS4, it is not excluded. To save some space in the same console, and reduce the heat radiation emitted by the power supply, it will be moved to the outside, as it is done in the case of the Xbox 360 or laptops. Input and output jacks are included as standard on the rear of the case, see the front USB input for connecting the controller among others. It is a pity that Sony is not trying to make wireless charging DUALSHOCK 4 in PS4, it is evident that the structure minus.

When will we see the PS4 console looks like?

The console can now be shown at E3 during a special conference dedicated to this event but Sony representatives point out that the very appearance of the console is currently negligible, probably waiting to move the competition to match any specifications and appearance to the standards imposed by Microsoft.

And how do you console PS4 will look like?

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