PlayStation 4 will be in stores in 2013 around the world


More and more people are starting to talk about that, however, the premiere of the PlayStation 4 will have its place in the world at the same time and it will, of course, at the end of this year.

CFO chains Gamestop Robert A. Lloyd:

We know that Sony will introduce PlayStation 4 in all markets in 2013, but also to move forward as a Microsoft fix it


There are no confirmed information but as I wrote last year is likely to see a PlayStation 4 in stores in Europe as well. Sony is waiting for Microsoft, and I think the movement is not surprising, because if such a scenario, assume that Microsoft will let larger batch of Xbox on the U.S. to Europe at the expense of Sony may move some pieces consoles into the market in order to increase competition.

Would you like to premiere in Europe was in 2013 or are you strong enough to wait until the spring of 2014?