Playstation 4 on E3, new controller and card slot?


Playstation 4 pad

I received a few rumors from an untrusted source but I’m going to publish it. The same man said that the final version of the Playstation 4 will be revealed at E3. Pad from the

console will look like as shown below, and the same console Playstation 4 will be served card game?

Pad design will be similar to that which is known by a variety of Xbox players are more comfortable, it will have changed triggers and ps move to the middle? Remember the previous information about connection controller and ps move? Maybe it will actually be.

Playstation 4 final design

Playing cards? Rather games on memory cards will not be sold, but can Sony intends to introduce a key-card that will allow the playing and distribute games via internet? This rumor is unlikely to be true but I certainly get the controller in a modified form.


New rumors about controller say that will have LCD touch screen and biometric sensors on the grips (biometric for what? I dont understand this, maybe PS4 check ours Heart Rate :)).

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