Metal Gear Solid 5 on Playstation 4? It’s only matter of time… (trailer)


Phantom Pain is a new game from the studio MobyDick who probably lead same Hideo Kojima’s, author of the MGS series. During Video Games Award Appeared trailer this game and I can not help feeling That the main character is Snake or Big Boss from the Metal Gear Solid series, because all evidence points to the fact That Phantom Pain is

actually a fifth Metal Gear Solid. No release date is given or on which platforms will be show this title, maybe MGS 5 will be released only for the Playstation 4, Judging by the graphics, if this is Calculated in real time, Playstation 3 can not handle this. If this is really MGS 5, I buy it right away.

Or maybe this is a Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes? on PS3?