GTA V, GTA 5 not for PS4


IGN asked Dan Houser (video game producer and vice president (along with his brother Sam) of creativity for Rockstar Games) Why isn’t GTA V a next-gen launch title? This is he’s answer:

Some other people talk about the limitations of the [current] hardware. We don’t feel there are that many limitations. We feel we can do some very impressive stuff and do it for a large audience. This felt like the way… There’ll be a much larger audience on PS3 than there will be on PS4. At a creative level, which is the most important for us, we could say everything we wanted to say and do everything we wanted to do on these machines. We didn’t sit there saying, “We’d like to do this in the game, but we can’t.” There’s plenty of power in these machines.


We Not’ll play in Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4, pity, but in GTA 6 for sure! peaceful dreams.

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